Founded in 2012, the JMC Family Office is composed of two entities each concentrating on a separate but complementary dimension of investing. On one hand, JMC Investment focuses on direct, private equity deals empowering young entrepreneurs to grow to the next level. On the other, JMC Asset Management is involved in public markets through the selection and allocation of third-party money managers.

Together, we share a common set of values that we believe are necessary for us to grow, innovate and be able to truly be Partners in Ambition:


We invest in the long term and seek to create a perfect alignment of interest between JMC and all of our partners and stakeholders. As a result, we believe it is of the utmost importance to invest our own capital in all our endeavors and to not be driven by any outside mandates or pressures. 


We understand success is rooted in trust, integrity, and ethics. Trust must be earned and established through open communication and full transparency.


We celebrate entrepreneurial passion and courage. We particularly love visionaries who build for the future and are devoted to their business and their team. In a world where investors are faced with a plethora of investing options, it becomes a necessity to be innovative and create solutions that are truly different and unique.