JMCAM Launches its First UCITS Fund

JMC Asset Management (“JMCAM”) is pleased to announce the launch of its first UCITS fund, the JMCAM US Equity Fund (the “Fund”). The Fund replicates JMCAM’s existing long-only US equity strategy, which uses the Russell 3000 Total Return index as its benchmark. The strategy invests primarily in a portfolio of mid and large capitalization stocks and is based on JMCAM’s unique approach to stock selection.

  We are very excited about the launch,” said Gregoire Painvin, Founder and CEO of JMCAM. “This represents an important step forward for the growth of JMCAM as it allows us to jumpstart our development outside the US and tap into our existing network in Europe. It also enables us to start developing new relationships with potential investors looking for new and innovative ways to have an exposure to the US equity market.”

JMCAM’s investment philosophy emphasizes a novel approach to researching money managers for the construction of a diversified portfolio. This design uses a bottom-up manager selection process, focusing on stock-pickers that have demonstrated consistent added value in specific sectors, coupled with thorough and disciplined risk management to monitor and control underlying exposures. On JMCAM’s strategy, Mr. Painvin explains: “Our unique approach allows us to maintain the benefit of multi-management, spreading risks and contributions, without over-diversifying the aggregate portfolio, which we believe is the biggest weakness of a traditional multi-managed construct.”

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