JMCAM Publishes its Inaugural White Paper

At JMCAM, our goal is to create innovative investment solutions based on the selection and allocation of equity managers. We recently published our inaugural white paper, in which we introduce what we believe is a unique and novel approach to long-only equity investing.

When looking for long-term growth opportunities, many investors now avoid traditional, actively managed strategies in favor of passive products for their long-only equity exposure. In doing so, they are avoiding some additional risk but are also forgoing the opportunity for excess returns. Yet, a multi-managed approach holds the potential for higher returns, assuming the solution remains truly active. We believe our concentrated multi-manager approach allows us to maintain the benefits of multi-management without over-diversifying the aggregate portfolio or diluting the convictions of our underlying managers.

Please click here to access the white paper. We look forward to your comments and feedbacks and please do not hesitate to contact us should you have any questions or need additional information.